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Wine tasting Tour to Arrabida

If there is a tour that we can consider as a true "sightseeing tour", this is the one. You'll have the opportunity to know Arrábida Natural Park, one of the most beautiful spots near Lisbon. Founded in 1976 and covering 108 square kilometers, it is one of the 30 areas officially under protection mainly due to being host of many rare species.

Duration: 8 Hours Trip (indicative only and adaptable)

Minimum: 2 Pax (Price vary with the number of persons)

Pickup: 9:30 AM

Price: €130,00 P.P



From its highest point (500m peak), you will take spectacular photographs of breathtaking views overlooking the Sado river, the Atlantic Ocean, the peninsula of Troia and the city of Setúbal. If you wish we may visit the Arrábida Monastery*, which was a destination of major pilgrimages and also where the first four Arrábida monks (Martinho de Santa Maria, Diogo de Lisboa, Francisco Pedraita and St. Peter of Alcántara) lived for two years in cells cut into the rocks.

Down the hill, its crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches offer a Mediterranean feeling and a time for a swim. For those who are into the scuba diving, this is also an excellent opportunity to see what lies underwater.

Like many places in Portugal, food, sweets and wine are a must in this region! We will make sure you try the traditional Torta de Azeitão, once you had lunch in a picturesque restaurant overlooking the sea. The wine, you shall taste once we get to the wine region of Palmela where we will ascend its moorish castle. Here you will have another point of view of Arrábida, Palmela and if the weather helps, you can see as far as Lisbon. And Lisbon is ahead, that is where we go at the end of this day filled with amazing landscapes to keep in your memory.

* Our touring style allows us to include things that just “pop-up” along the way or to do custom tailored routes to suit your needs. Your are welcome to tell us your ideal day and we will make it happen.