Enjoy Portugal With Us

The Story Behind

Our Story

I GO Portugal is a tourism, travel and transportation logistics company, based in Lisbon and working everywhere in Portugal.

We are a vibrant young team that travelled throughout the world but ended up settling in lovely little Portugal. The love for our country is what made us embrace this project, we feel the need to show you the best of what this amazing country has to offer.

Our aim is to make you feel at home, to make you feel as a local. We can give you the historical insights about our country, but can show you a lot more. We can take you to taste the wonderful pastries, but you will have a lot more!

Be very welcome to this country by sea where you will have amazing adventures, fantastic experiences and truly beautiful journeys.

YOUR LOCAL COMPANION is waiting for you. We will pick you up and take you there, everywhere and anywhere!

About Portugal

Portugal is a country full of history and stories, great beaches, plenty of entertainment, amazing landscapes and incredible cuisine. It is a country that mirrors the result of diverse but deeply linked cultural influences and lifestyles. Here, there is really something for everyone!

Situated on the westernmost corner of Europe, Portugal has a pleasant climate throughout the year, due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. In the spring and summer months the temperature invites you to take walks by the rivers, watch the sunset at the beach or spend a great evening outdoors, while autumn and winter months still see the sunshine almost everyday.

Come and enjoy the unique light of Lisboa, experience the thrill to surf the best waves in Europe or just be amazed with the beauty of simplicity that our country offers. In Portugal you can be sure to have once in a lifetime experiences that will stay in your mind forever. And you will want to come back…SOON!

What we do

I GO Portugal is about enabling movement and creating experiences.

We believe in the importance of local human contact as a crucial aspect in what concerns to the travel and touristic experience.

We offer the following services:

- Private tours
- Custom made tours
- Transfers
- Events and Production Logistics
- 360º travelling experiences

We are YOUR LOCAL COMPANION for tourists, travelers, surfers and sports people, business partners and business executives, events and production companies.