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Following the Templar Trail -Tomar

When you trundle out of Lisbon's fringes you merge into a cork-tree country, and the vineyards of Ribatejo. This was the riverbank land where the boundary fluctuated, for 150 years or so, between Christian and Moor. The templar knights have left great marks in our country and had a decisive role on the conquest of Portugal from the moors.

Duration: 8 Hours Trip (indicative only and adaptable)

Minimum: Minimum 2 pax

Pickup: 09:00AM

Price: €340 for 3 pax



We will pick you up from where you are staying and we will head to the city of Santarém. A very important point for the conquest of Portugal, Santarém hosts a castle and the Church of Grace where the famous navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral is buried.

Our journey follows the direction of Almourol castle, one of the best examples of the military architecture from the medieval times, whilst being a fairytale island castle that appears to float on the river Tagus.

Next stop is Tomar, a major Templar city with its stunning castle of the Knights Templar and the Convent of the Order of Christ, a 12th century UNESCO world heritage place that was the main location or the headquarters of the templar knights while they were chased trough out the world.

After we will head to some of the most amazing caves in Portugal. You will be amazed by this national treasure! With an extension of 10.000 m2, this place is illuminated by more than 3000 lamps. Outside there is an Aquatic park and several areas where you can be in contact with nature.

Its time now to head back to Lisbon.

* Our touring style allows us to include things that just “pop-up” along the way or to do custom tailored routes to suit your needs. Your are welcome to tell us your ideal day and we will make it happen.