Enjoy Portugal With Us

Urban Safari

Flavours and Traditions

As the name says, this tour’s theme will give you a taste of Portugal from two different, but very important aspects of our country: food and the traditional things that define who we are.

Duration: 8 Hours Trip (only indicative and adaptable)

Minimum: 2 Pax

Pickup: 9:30 AM

Price: 55€

Half days available upon request


We will take you on a journey that will play with your senses and you may not want to leave Portugal after you’ve experienced these.

In the mood for a sweet breakfast? We will start the day tasting one of the most amazing pastries we have to offer, before heading to the tile museum through the road that follow the river up north or instead, a visit to the fado museum to understand why is this kind of music is an heritage of humanity.

Our next stop is the old entrance to the city and the door to the sea (depending from which side you are looking at the Rua Augusta Arch) before the big earthquake that shook Lisboa happened. Once here will go to a very picturesque shop that serves a kind of liquor that will make you cry for more! This place that seems to have stopped in time but old and young people still flood to taste this specialty called Ginginha.

And if Ginginha is an aperitif that means lunchtime is around the corner or, because you are in the city of the seven hills, a traditional meal is just up and down the hill.

The afternoon may call for that great traditional souvenir hunt or maybe a wonder through one of the many flea markets that happen on specific days, followed by another “petisco” (snack) at that very special place that you will remember forever and ever.

At the end of this day, you will have learned a lot more about our country through your most important senses – your taste and you eyes. Experience the Portuguese flavours and traditions as local does.

* Our touring style allows us to include things that just “pop-up” along the way or to do custom tailored routes to suit your needs. Your are welcome to tell us your ideal day and we will make it happen.